The Obadiah Fellowship

After a conversation with the Lord about 1 Kings 18 where the prophet Obadiah hid 100 prophets in two caves, Joe Shrewsbury created the Obadiah Fellowship. He believes his call is like Obadiah’s—to bring prophetic people together and train them how to discover their vision and purpose so they can move in power, speaking words that will transform culture and the world.

The Obadiah Fellowship is a journey of discovering where you belong in your mountain of influence, and how to get there. Not only will you be supernaturally changed, but you will also obtain the keys to help transform others.

Joe Shrewsbury

Joe Shrewsbury is an elder in the gate of the prophetic and has been instrumental in opening the realm of a practical, hands-on prophetic ministry and lifestyle to hundreds of people for more than fifteen years. He specializes in equipping classes and seminars, coaching, mentoring, and open-venue teaching. Joe’s easy to follow teaching has awakened the gift of prophecy within churches around the world, equipping many for the first time as a true five-fold ministry.

Not only is he the Founder and CEO of the Obadiah Fellowship, but BlueWaterLeadership as well, where he specializes in training leaders in management and organizational performance and effectiveness.