What Graduates Say About The Obadiah Fellowship

The Obadiah Fellowship has helped me to clarify my pathway in life. It has helped bring definition to my life’s purpose. These messages renewed hope in my life.

—Barbara McKee

Taking the Obadiah Fellowship class impacted and changed my life tremendously. Learning about Quantum Physics and its spiritual applications had one of the greatest impacts to shift my understanding of Kingdom principles. This class challenged my way of thinking, gave me greater insight and understanding into my destiny and calling, and unlocked deeper revelation and understanding about our power and authority in the Kingdom. I would highly recommend this to everyone that wants to go deeper with the Lord and understand their destiny.

—Angie Whitfiel

It confirmed so much of what the Lord has been telling me. So often I felt labeled “crazy” for thinking the way I do. Obadiah gave me not only confirmation and instruction but a prophetic family or believers who encourage each other to excel. Obadiah was the best class I have been involved in in many years.

—Anna Parrott

[The class on Faithfulness] broke a stronghold in my mind, knowing that I can always rely on the inward certainty of God’s faithfulness towards me, which has nothing to do with me. [Greatest epiphany was] that I follow the Lord’s prompting/instruction because I’m already faithful, not to be faithful.

—Lizzy Kitenge

Gave me clear insight into the fruits of the spirit and practical ways of growing in them. The process helped fill several gaps in my understanding, thus eliminating confusion/doubts and increasing my faith. It also helped me have a clear conscience before God.

—Saanyah T. Rahm

Obadiah has taught me three main things: 1. To look at myself differently as I view myself through God’s potential for me. 2. My dream must die first and hope restored before I can pick it up again. 3. Quantum Physics has expanded my limited boundaries in the spirit to anything can happen in any dimension, no limits for God’s plan for us.

—Karen Travis

The Obadiah Fellowship has profoundly impacted my life through a series of concepts—line upon line—formulating and confirming my identity and calling as a prophet. Walking in the fruit of the spirit has greater power than relying on the gifts of the spirit. Without love, I am nothing. Being filled with the spirit and love of God opens doors that no man can shut.

—Debb Forster

Taking Obadiah Fellowship changed my life. It opened and gave me a new perspective of life and the goodness of God! It challenged my way of thinking and it was incredible!

—Kayley Whitfield

[Learning about] the stages of the prophetic was very helpful to understand—it was the best teaching. The most meaningful part was the positive and negative belief about yourself and the emotional significance of these.

—Mary Ellen Reber

Obadiah classes have turned out to be an opportunity for me to be involved in a community of innovative, broad, scripturally-focused thinkers. This has caused me to be stretched in my thinking and press forward toward my God-given destiny in a more proactive, fruitful way.

—Vicky Hayden

The most impactful teaching in Obadiah was learning that quantum physics verifies scripture, and in particular, that science verifies that our observation influences outcomes and the future. Therefore, to me, this also verifies that faith (observing with our spiritual eyes) will change our outcomes and future.

—Chris Reber

The most interesting part was learning how to think outside of my own thoughts. Many different experiences and discussions

—Yong Newsome

Obadiah is awesome because it starts with the maturing process to grow in the fruit. The fellowship helped us all to understand this maturing process. The science intertwined with scriptural references helped to open up concepts and then practice new ministry techniques. Thank you!

—Jessica Simpson

 1) The thing that impacted me most about Obadiah was the confidence it gave me to function in the gift in different venues, people groups etc. and also when I train others to operate in it.

(2) The biggest epiphany for me was the realization how much I judged others operating in the gift.  (Especially in delivery and sometimes in general, of who they were, personality etc) When you made the statement, that ‘young prophets often look like false prophets’  it jarred me.  Realizing that, it started the process of allowing me to extend more grace to people when they’re functioning in the gift and to them in general.

(3) The teaching that impacted me the most was on the Fruit.  Having the teachings but then actually living them for a week or more was challenging.  Also, realizing walking in the fruit was key to developing and having authority helped me in my personal life but also when I teach on the prophetic. It helped bring in the need for character when ministering.

—Lori Gaughan